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    Caravan/Boat Mattress (Bottom Left Corner Cut)

    The caravan mattress with a bottom left hand side corner cut off, We need 4 dimensions to make this mattress. 2-3 day delivery from ordering. Free UK delivery

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  • caravan mattress with bottom right corner cut off BUY IT
    from £119.00

    Caravan/Boat Mattress (Both Bottom Corners Cut)

    The caravan/boat mattress with a corner  cut out of the  bottom right hand side and bottom left hand side of the mattress , We need 4 dimensions to make this mattress the width  across the top of the mattress the width along the bottom, together with the side lengths.

    Length B is measured from the mid point of Width A along the top width of the mattress to the midpoint on width D along the bottom of the mattress

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    Left Cut Folding Mattress

    Left cut folding mattress. This Mattress allow access to the storage facility in the bed, easy access to caravan compartments, We need measuremeants A, B, C, D, and E

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