Submitted on 26.05.2011

We have expanded our marine manufacturing facility in 2011 given the demand from overseas yacht owners. Dubai remains a strategic territory for sleepdetox and we will continue to manufacture and supply top end luxury mattresses to the emirate. Prices range from £8000 upwards for the best mattresses, all can be cut to size and shipped internationally within a matter of weeks.

It is always great to see, that British made goods are still in high demand from Yacht owners from the middle east. 


We can make all boat and yacht mattresses to MeasureClick this link for an online Quote

We manufacture yacht mattresses in the UK to a range of specifications, We have carried out projects in Monaco, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore and  hong kong to name a few  places, Our clients include royalty and businessmen from all over the world. We have been delighted to be instructed on projects from all corners of the Globe!

Yacht Construction companies can email here with the technical specification of the dimensions of the mattresses. Have a look at the range of the mattresses below for an idea of the luxury mattresses we can make. We ensure we use high grade material on all mattresses

Here is the range of mattresses we can make for your yacht.

Above: Example of a Yacht Bedroom Interior.