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boat mattresses designed to make the best use of living space

Design you Boat mattress to Fit perfectly

You’re living in a small space on a narrowboat, compact but organised, a real lifestyle choice. The scarcity of space should not be a reason to feel confined and restricted.  Narrowboat living space is scarce, a bespoke mattress can ensure that you maximise the potential living space, We  take into account differing storage options such as foldability of the mattress, storage draws underneath your bed,  During the day the mattress can be adjusted to form part of the seating area or just folded away to make room for a walkway.


We have an assortment of fabrics that will complement the interior of your narrowboat, providing great character and ambiance. Fabric choices are  plain cotton or  quillted fabrics.you can send us your own fabric and we will make the mattress as required. luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  It is better to have a breathable mattress covering that provides some ventilation given humidity levels in a boat. humidity in your boat is a very important topic; as mildew on your narrowboat mattress is a consequence of poor ventilation. To improve airflow add a ventilating mesh under the seating cushions and mattress or use a slatted bed base . The mesh will allow the movement of air and keep the mattress in fine order

A custom made narrowboat mattress in any shape or size is an ideal choice for boatyards when refitting older narrowboats. Some of the old tired mattresses are no longer fit for purpose.  We can cut out shaped mattresses  to make furniture fit the most awkward of spaces. Time taken to complete such customised mattresses is  around three days. From the point of ordering to delivery. A quick turnaround ensures a project gets done on time and within budget. You can send us a technical drawing or a photograph of a sketch with your mattress dimensions.

So if you’re having a boat party do tell the guests your mattress was shipped from the UK and that we still do manufacture in great britain We can make a custom memory mattress for your boat with cut off corners, radius ends, sloping sides and  folds. Whatever you need to create a talking point interior. We are there to help. We are a leading brand in the narrow boat and boats specialists market.

We want to ensure your travels on your boat is as comfortable and enjoyable as the surroundings of the great british canal network.