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VW T5 Campervan replacement

VW camper Mattress Replacement

Over the years we have been contacted by adventurous enthusiasts about upgrading their mattress on their  Volkswagon campers. We have done quite a few now., some with folds and others shallow thinner beds using higher grade of foams. if you camper van requires more than one mattress, it maybe that we can cut the size from one piece of foam, this will enable us to kit out the camper for below your expected budget.

We love doing the VW camper conversion work as it interesting and very rewarding for all the production staff involved. All camper vans are unique and provide a travelling funky home for would be road trippers.

If you need some advice of what is the best mattress to choose from, or need some information on how deep the mattress should be or even what tolerances you need to leave on the width and length to allow for bed sheets, then get in touch. We have the experience to tailor the mattress to the space required and for the budget allocated.

We can make the made to measure mattresses   using pocket sprung systems, but the problem with pocket sprung is that the mesh is rigid which means the size will not fit the space exactly it moves in 3 inch intervals . The cost of making such a camper mattress is also a major factor in the decision to buy..as these types of mattresses are more expensive.

A lot of would be camper vanners, tend to by refurbished campers or second hand ones from dealers, the campers normally just need a spruce up or a new mattress. send in the picture to us when your looking to buy, we can give you a approximate price for  a replacement mattress, you may be able to get the dealer to replace the mattress for you..better to go informed.