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Is your Caravan mattress Due for replacement?

Looking for replacement Custom size caravan mattress manufactured in the UK

Our custom size caravan mattresses  are open to customers worldwide. so whether you’re looking to furnish an entire caravan or just a  the main sleep area. Our custom designs means you can choose the width, length and depth of the mattress as well as the type of covering and feel. We make the mattresses with corners cut off, if there is a radiator in the way we can cut out that section from the mattress.

How to measure the caravan mattress.

Stand at the footboard looking towards the headboard..the headboard side width is the measurement A, then measure the side with the longest length that is measurement B, again from the headboard down the smaller length to where the mattress reaches the cut off point that is measurement C, measure D is the measurement along the footboard.. thus we have all the measurements to do the cut corner. See some of our Caravan diagrams on our website..if the mattress is shaped or has unusual design you can send in a lifesize template. Our mattresses are roll packed so they are easy to get into the caravan and easy to transport from your home to the caravan site if need be.

We have a range of fabrics just for your caravan from florals to plains.  When sleeping on a new mattress, the sleep enjoyed by the individual will determine if they will recommend our mattress to  their friends and family. Our custom mattresses are  recommended and positively reviewed 95% of the time.

We are a pioneer in custom made caravan mattresses and beds and number one investment for any home on the road. Customer satisfaction is paramount in our industry, we want our clients to keep coming back.

All our custom size caravan mattresses adhere to strict UK fire regulatory standards, this ensures all our customers are compliant. Our International clients from dubai, tokyo, newyork, european and canadian clients love the fact that our luxury custom mattresses are made to the highest UK standards.

We have furnished many motorhomes, narrowboats and in europe and north america. Andrea Marsh our in house interior designer is always at hand, together with design houses we work with to keep international clients in tune with latest design trends.

With 10 years’ experience in the  manufacture and worldwide supply of custom made furniture, we are looking to a successful 2018 order book especially from the hospitality industry.

Our unique manufacturing setup in the  uk means that we’re able to offer  customer a complete end to end build service. Our  customers can contact us via our website for the latest in sleep technology for custom size caravan mattresses.