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Considerations when buying a new Loft mattress

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We manufacture mattresses to measure for specifically for loft conversions. if you have built a dormer in the roof or an attic living space. We can make sure ou have get your new mattress to the top of the house. All our mattresses are vacuum packed which means they are easy to get through a hatch or even tight stairwells leading up the the new living space.

Once person can carry the mattress which makes logistics very easy. from ground floor to top floor one person can handle the mattress.

We ensure that you can maximise the space you have if he roof pitch restricts the depth of your mattress. We can make your mattress at a lesser depth..We can even make the mattress so it spreads end to end in the attic. the whole space could be utilised as one big sleeping space. We have made some larger mattresses for some amazing projects..Past projects have involved making multiple loft mattresses so they span the space available.