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Mattress Warranty

I. Your Mattress will be replaced, repaired or provided a pro-rated allowance, at our option, if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, for ten (10) years from date of purchase, subject to the limitations described in this warranty. The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only.

The limited warranty covers only manufacturing defects, which has been inspected and certified by Mattress Mason  (Limited) personnel.

Over the period of 10 years, repair or replacement or credit value of the mattress will be made as per the pro-rated value below. The consumer shall bear the difference of the new mattress value and the credit value. The pro-rated value is as follows:

• Within 12 months of the date of purchase: 100%

• 1-3 Years : 80%

• 3-4 Years : 60%

• 5-6 Years : 40%

• 7-8 Years : 20%

• 9-10 Years : 10%

II. Warranty is effective whether mattress is purchased with matching foundation, or either mattress or foundation is purchased separately. However, use of an improper foundation may cause damage to the mattress and void this warranty.

III. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or damage caused by abuse, misuse or negligence.

In addition to the other exclusions stated on this page,  Mattress Mason specifically excludes from the warranty;

– small manufacturing irregularities that do not effect the performance of the


– comfort issues relating to the consumers preferences.

– defects due to causes beyond our control like floods, fire, acts of God.

Body comfort impressions.

Small indentations are normal on the surface of any new mattress whilst the memory foam  filling is leveling to a final position and getting used to your body contour. This does not constitute a manufacturing fault. On a pillow top mattress, up to 30 mm height loss is considered normal. On a non-pillow top mattress, up to 20 mm height loss is considered normal.


Smell / Odour

There may be an odour common to new products upon opening the packaging of your new mattress. This is normal and expected as the new mattress is sealed in the packaging for a period of time. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the smell to disperse naturally and to assist in the dispersion, please keep your room as well ventilated as possible.

IV. Your Mattress Mason   mattress will be repaired or replaced at pro-rated value (transportation charges to and from nearest Mattress Mason (Limited) factory must be paid by the purchaser) during the lifetime of this warranty. Repair or replacement is at the option of Mattress Mason. Consequential claims, no matter what kind and of what legal argument, in connection with this warranty, can not be accepted. This warranty commences the day you take delivery of your Mattress Mason . However, the warranty period will not be extended or changed as a result of repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty or otherwise.

V. This warranty is void if the foundation is not firm, even and supportive. A foundation that is too hard, too soft, not supportive, or restricts air circulation may damage your mattress and void this warranty.

Correct mattress support is an important element in providing long life for mattress. Mattresses always follow the contour of whatever they rest on. If placed on a foundation that dips down, even under the load of one or two sleepers, the warranty may be voided.

Foundations dipping or sagging allow the mattress to sag, causing the top cover wrinkle. Sleepers may experience roll-together through inadequate support. Some slat/mesh type foundations may require a center rail and a leg to the floor to prevent dipping or sagging, particularly in double, king  and  super king sizes.

Timber slats must be a smooth finish to prevent splinter and scuffing damage and be securely fastened to the frame at each end. A breathable insulating pad or blanket over the slats is advisable. Slats must be no more than 8cm apart and at least 9cm wide. Slats over 14cm wide may cause mildew by not allowing moisture to evaporate sufficiently. Solid panel timber foundations must have sufficient air holes drilled to permit dispersal of moisture and prevent mildew.

VI. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser, and valid only for residential use. Contract and commercial usages are not covered by this warranty.

VII. This warranty is void if mattress has been serviced by unauthorised persons or workshops.

VIII. This is warranty is not applicable to display item purchase or clearance sale purchase unless specifically stated in writing.

IX. In the event you wish to make a warranty claim, first You must provide proof-of-purchase; therefore you must retain your sales receipt and/or delivery receipt, write to sales@sleepdetox.co.uk for instructions on how to proceed with your warranty claim.

Your Mattress Mason mattress will provide you with years of excellent service if you follow these easy instructions.

I. To insure that you receive the support that is built into your Mattress Mason,  ask for a suitable foundation. Do not be misled into believing that it is sufficient to buy a new mattress only after your present mattress shows wear and tear. Mattress failure or “wearout” is often caused by foundation failure.

II. As stated on the warranty information for your Mattress Mason, use a 4-legged bed frame under double and Full size sets, a 5-legged frame under king Size, and a 6-legged frame under Super King size.

III. Use a high quality, absorbent mattress pad. This will keep the covering of the mattress fresh and clean. Never apply liquids of any kind to the mattress cover.

IV. Don’t jump or stand on your Mattress Mason . Misuse of this kind could cause unnecessary damage and the voiding of your warranty.



I. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser from Mattress Mason

II. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have rights which vary from country to country. The manufacturer is responsible for no incidental nor consequential damages. Implied warranties are limited to the period of this warranty.

III. Mattress Mason  (Limited) does not warrant that this product is suitable for any person’s health or medical condition, and makes no warranty beyond what is contained in writing above.

IV. Mattress and foundation specifications, including appearance, may change without notice.

In the event that service is required, please contact  sales@sleepdetox.co.uk