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Do you need crew mattresses?

Are you looking to make mattresses for your crew and staffing quarters on the boat. We have made and shipped thousands of mattresses worldwide for boats and ships. The pure memory mattress and the coolmax are the most popular choices. We can tailor the mattress to you needs with a waterproof covering or even a plain thick cotton fabric that you can remove and wash.

Some of our Clients prefer to send us their fabric, this is also an option. To keep with your decor and surround we can use your chosen fabric to cover the mattress. The options are endless.

We have a range of specialists mattresses for super yacht crews, We can ship these to any yacht maker or boat maker in any marina of your choosing. Choosing the right mattress for your crew is a big decision and therefore you will need to choose the right Supplier. We have experience in this field and can give you the best choice of amazing mattresses that don’t weigh a ton  and offer an amazing solution for your crew to have the best possible nights sleep.

Send us the dimensions and we can make the mattresses you need. We need at least a 5 day window for mattresses that need to be shipped to Europe.