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Replacement caravan mattresses for the Bailey

Bailey Caravan Mattresses

We can manufacture mattresses for the following Bailey Caravans. The list is not exhaustive. Are you buying a  caravan from a dealership. we can ship directly to the showroom, so that you can pick up your new caravan with your new bespoke memory foam mattress.


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Bailey Pageant Bretagne Series 7 mattress,

Swift Conqueror 630 mattress,

Swift 630 Charisma mattress,

Bailey Pegasus 534 mattress replacement,

Bailey Pegasus 624,

Bailey Senator Series 6 Wyoming mattress,

Elddis Xplore 546,

Bailey Olympus 464,

Sterling Eccles Jewel,

Coachman Amara 520/4

Bailey Caravan Pageant Bretagne Series 7,

Senator Series 6 dimensions,