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On the Road Truck Mattresses/Topper, Any size or shape

Top cabin Bunk Custom size mattresses for trucks & HGVs

If you’re a truck driver and sleeping uncomfortably in the top bunk of your HGV, think again. Our custom size memory foam trucks mattresses can be made to fit any space in your vehicle.

We can make mattresses for the following vehicles, volvo truck mattress uk volvo fh,  scania, leyland DAF, truck mattress, if you need a  hgv mattress topper or a scania mattress topper, these sizes ares also easy to make for our team. 

The limiting factor issue in truck cabins is the headroom therefore the depth of the mattress is crucial in order to allow for headroom as well as  balancing the weight of the individual and the overall comfort of the mattress.

This is where we have specific expertise, We have an assortment of rubbers and foams that can provide resilient back support at shallow depths. The foams we use are specifically designed for the bedding industry, therefore they will last upto 10 years. Therefore we can build a mattress to suit the individual, make it to your dimensions and keep the costs affordable.

If you are a fleet owner we can provide mattresses as part of a bulk order saving you even more money. Our trailer and HGV mattress proposition is available to companies and sole traders  worldwide. so whether you’re looking to furnish an entire fleet of trucks with new mattresses or just added luxury for drivers on long distance routes we can certainly deliver. Our custom design means you can send us a diagram or a life sized sketch normally made from lining paper.if your lucky enough to have a rectangular mattress you can choose the width, length and depth of the mattress as well as the type of covering and feel.


We have a range of fabrics just for your truck interior from florals patterns to plains, thus enabling you to personalise your sleep space.. Sometimes Companies and interior designers like to send us thier own fabrics, we can accomodate such requests however ensure you give us some extra time to have your product made. When sleeping on a new mattress, the sleep enjoyed by the individual will determine if they will recommend your mattress to  their friends and family. Our custom truck mattresses are favourably recommended and positively reviewed 99.9% of the time.

All our custom size mattresses and beds adhere to strict UK fire regulatory standards, this ensures all our courier and lorry drivers  are compliant with strict mattresses safety standards including CRIB 5 and CRIB 7.

With 10 years’ experience in the  manufacture and worldwide supply of custom made mattresses for the transport industry. we are looking to a successful 2015 order book especially from the haulage industry.

Our unique set up  means that we’re able to offer customers a complete end to end build service. Our  customers can contact us via our website for the latest in sleep technology for custom size mattresses for their transporter.  


We can supply all of the following truck and HGV makers with mattresses


Albion ( van mattress replacement)
Alexander Dennis ( mattress replacement)
Alfa Romeo (Italy)
Argyle ( HGV driver mattress)
Armstrong-Saurer ( HGV driver mattress)
Askam (Turkey)
Astra (Italy)
Austin ( HGV driver mattress)
Automiesse (Belgium)
Avia Trucks (Czech Republic)
AWD ( HGV driver mattress)
Barkas (Germany)
Baron ( HGV driver mattress)
Barreiros (Spain)
Bean ( HGV driver mattress)
Beardmore ( HGV driver mattress)
Bedford ( HGV driver mattress)
BelAZ (Belarus)
Belsize Motors ( HGV driver mattress)
Berliet (France)
Berliet-Tramagal (Portugal)
Berna (Switzerland)
Bernard (France)
Bristol ( HGV driver mattress)
British Motor Corporation ( HGV driver mattress)
Brossel (Belgium)
Bucegi (Romania)
Büssing (Germany)
Borgward (Germany)
Bruce-SN ( HGV driver mattress)
Carmichael ( HGV driver mattress)
Caledon ( HGV driver mattress)
Chavdar (Bulgaria)
Chenard-Walcker (France)
Citroen (France)
Commer ( HGV driver mattress)
Crossley ( HGV Truck mattress replacement)
Csepel (Hungary)
DAC Trucks (Romania)
DAF Trucks (Netherlands)
Daimler AG (Germany)
De Dion-Bouton (France)
Delahaye (France)
Dennis Eagle ( HGV Truck mattress replacement)
Dennis-Mann Egerton ( HGV Truck mattress replacement)
Dennison (Ireland)
Dodge ( HGV Truck mattress replacement)
Douglas ( HGV Truck mattress replacement)
Ebro (Spain)
ELBO (Greece)
ERF ( HGV Truck mattresses)
FAP (Serbia)
FAR Trucks (France)
Faun GmbH (Germany)
FBW (Switzerland)
Fiat (Italy)
Foden ( HGV Truck mattresses)
Ford ( HGV Truck mattresses)
Ford (Germany)
Foton (China)
Fowler ( HGV Truck mattresses)
FTF Trucks (Netherlands)
Gaz (Russia)
Garner ( HGV Truck mattresses)
Garrett ( HGV Truck mattresses)
GIAD Trucks (Sudan)
Gilford ( HGV Truck mattresses)
Ginaf (Netherlands)
Gräf & Stift (Austria)
Grube (Germany)
GV ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Guy ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Halley ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Hallford ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Hanomag (Germany)
Hardy ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Haulamatic ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Henschel (Germany)
HHT ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
Hispano-Suiza (Spain)
Horch (Germany)
Hotchkiss (France)
HSG ( HGV Truck cabin mattress)
IFA (Germany)
Iveco (Italy)
Jelcz (Poland)
Jensen ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Kaelble (Germany)
Kamaz (Russia)
Karrier ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Kerr Stuart ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
KAZ (Georgia)
KrAZ (Ukraine)
Labourier (France)
Lacre ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Lancia (Italy)
Latil (France)
Leyland ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Leyland DAF ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Loheac (France)
Lomount ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Lorraine-Dietrich (France)
LAZ (Ukraine)
LIAZ (Czech Republic)
Mann ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
MAN (Germany)
Maudslay ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
McCrud ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Minerva (Belgium)
MAZ (Belarus)
Mercedes-Benz (Germany)
MTZ (Belarus)
Morris ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Morris Commercial ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Mowag (Switzerland)
MTN ( HGV Lorry  mattress)
Multicar (Germany)
Multiwheeler ( Truck mattress)
Nicolas (France)
Norde ( Truck mattress replacement)
ÖAF (Austria)
Officine Meccaniche (Italy)
Officine Meccaniche Tortonesi (Italy)
Opel (Germany)
Pagefield ( Truck mattress replacement)
Panhard (France)
Pegaso (Spain)
Peugeot (France)
Praga (Czech Republic)
Proctor ( Truck mattress replacement)
Quest (lorry manufacturer) ( Truck mattress replacement)
Raba (Hungary)
Renault Trucks (France)
Robur (Germany)
Roman (Romania)
Rotinoff ( Truck mattress replacement)
Rowe-Hillmaster ( Truck mattress replacement)
Rutland ( Truck mattress replacement)
Saurer (Switzerland)
Saviem (France)
Scammell ( van mattress replacement)
Scania (Sweden)
SD ( van mattress replacement)
Seddon ( van mattress replacement)
Seddon Atkinson ( van mattress replacement)
Sentinel ( van mattress replacement)
Shacman (China)
Shefflex ( van mattress replacement)
Sides (France)
Simca (France)
Sisu Auto (Finland)
Škoda (Czech Republic)
Somua (France)
Star ( van mattress replacement)
Star (Poland)
SR (Romania)
Steyr (Austria)
Straker-Squire ( van mattress replacement)
Straussler ( van mattress replacement)
TAM (Slovenia)
Tatra (Czech Republic)
Terberg (Netherlands)
Temax (Greece)
Thornycroft ( van mattress replacement)
Tilling Stevens ( van mattress replacement)
Titan (Germany)
TVM (Slovenia)
TVW ( van mattress replacement)
Unic (France)
Unimog (Germany)
Union ( van mattress replacement)
Unipower ( van mattress replacement)
USG-Pitt ( van mattress replacement)
Ural (Russia)
URO (Spain)
Vanaja (Finland)
Verheul (Netherlands)
Volksvagen (Germany)
Volvo Trucks (Sweden)
Vomag (Germany)
Vulcan ( van mattress replacement)
Willeme (France)
Zastava Trucks (Serbia)
ZiL (Russia)
Zwicky (UACMAT (France)