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Which Mattress option Should I choose?


So you are slightly confused? Which mattress should you buy, the odd size ortho mattress is a foam only option suitable for spare rooms, people who want a firmer bed to sleep on, can also be used as seating. A budget mattress. Any weight of person can sleep this bed, if you need to roll up and store the mattress we suggest a depth of 7cm. Standard mattresses in there ortho range start from 10cm depth up to 25cm depth, We can make mattresses upto 40cm depth however the very deep mattresses are a special request and can get expensive.

There are hundresds of memory foam mattresses sold on the high street, you will be asking  which memory foam mattress  is the best for me? Our in house manufactured memory foam mattress is a good bespoke option, We make it so its not overly priced. The memory mattress is for bunk beds, caravans, motorhomes, spare rooms.. A great option, it is the cheapest of our memory foam range, has  1 inch memory foam on the top layer lamented to a medium firm base. Overall feel of the mattress is medium firm.. Weight suited upto 14st, optimum depth of this mattress is 18cm. Customers tend to buy between 12cm and 25cm, it is entirely upto you.

The memory foam mattress is probably one of the most widely used,  cheapest memory foam products on the market. Hence we distribute to caravan parks, boat yards and leisure centres all over the world.


The coolmax is a best selling made to measure mattress, suitable for persons unto 16 stone in weight per person. We can change the base foam to make the mattress firmer depending on your circumstances. The covering is the cooling aspect of the mattress, standard depth is about 15cm to 20cm, We use 5cm memory foam on the top layer of the mattress. So if the mattress is 15cm (5cm memory foam with a 10cm base foam support). Can be used in any application from home to leisure.

The Elite mattress is the top of the range HD memory foam mattress with a weight limit per person of 18st, We use a 3D border fabric on the mattress which gives the mattress is luxury feel. The 3 layer mattress using the cool blue memory layer and memory foam top layer allows for a luxury mattress at a very affordable price.

All mattresses are Roll Packed so can be delivered to your workplace and can be put in the back of your car. We ship our made to measure mattresses worldwide. if you are unsure of the sizes of the mattress, ask a joiner to measure the size you need.

Things to note when measuring your mattress

  1. Measure the inside of the bed frame, width, length and depth. Measure twice, double check your measurements. Always get help to measure if unsure!
  2. If there is a lip around the bed that the mattress sits into, It is advisable to measure higher than the lip otherwise you’ll hit the lip everytime the person rolls out of the bed.
  3. Leave a one cm tolerance on the width and length, to allow for tucking in the sheets. better to be smaller than the space than larger.
  4. if you need to store the mattress away, so it will need rolling, then max depth should be 3 inches, otherwise the mattress will prove to big to roll for storage.
  5. if the mattress needs a fold to allow for access underneath the bed we can make this aswell, zip linked mattresses can be made so you have have 2 single mattresses and a king size option.